hello! thanks for taking the time to gaze upon this website of mine.

in case you missed it .. my name is lucee moon. in short .. i’m an entrepreneur. in long .. i am an adult content creator, webcam model, full service touch provider & companion, photographer & videographer, blogger, podcaster, life coach .. oh & i will also walk your dog.

in the beginning of 2018, i went through a bit of an identity crisis. okay – i lie – it was a FULL BLOWN identity crisis. someone important in my life died due to the oh-so-devastatingly-common pairing of untreated mental health issues with a litany of drug addictions.

here’s the short version of the “LUCEE MOON ORIGIN STORY”: one of the last conversations i had with him was about how they thought i would be pretty good at doing online sex work. i thought this was hysterical. while i always had a deep respect for (and honestly a fascination of) the adult industry, i just thought it was outrageous for ME to think i even had a seat at that table. well, when he died unexpectedly & i lost my fucking mind, i was bored & had the resources so i thought, “hey – maybe i should give it a try in their honor” .. perhaps i was trying to find something to do to keep me feeling close to him.

because of camming (i still have my original flirt4free account but haven’t used it in a long time), i have learned a stupid amount about myself. the self-discovery has been real. i have been on a continually changing & evolving journey of becoming a truly authentic person – someone who i don’t think even existed in 2018. getting involved & comfortable in online sex work eventually gave me the guts to transition to doing full-service sex work & sugar dating.

my life now is a healthy mix of work & play – often the two get to coincide which is pretty damn cool. i run my own businesses & have a healthy dating/social life (even given the past 1+ year of global nonsense). i enjoy studying & learning as much as i can.

i made this website in hope of finding a creative outlet that i lack on the other platforms. that being said .. you should still totally check out my onlyfans, manyvids, & pornhub sites. there’s a lot of free content on my manyvids & pornhub, while onlyfans is all my best & most recent content .. lots of sexy. this site will likely be X rated at times but probably not as wild as onlyfans.

please feel free to DM/PM me on any of the three platforms mentioned above, or email me! you should be able to find all this info under “contact.”

phew .. thank you for coming to my show.