when i got my medical marijuana card in 2018 saying you had anxiety wasn’t reason enough to qualify. PTSD – however – was an approved diagnosis. so i went to a doctor, was truthful, & they agreed that i had PTSD and therefore was granted my medical marijuana card. i probably thought i was being… Continue reading PTSD.


this is an example timeline of what it feels like when i am having a panic attack type of moment:i can’t think thoughts are fast, fragmented, confusing, disjointed, random, overwhelming, relentless & usually not based in any form of reality, logic, or reason.i feel worried.i feel hot.i wonder if i’m just hungry or too… Continue reading panic.


i met boyfriend about a month ago on an undisclosed dating app/website 🤔..  after hanging out the first time i knew i didn’t want to stop talking to him. and i couldn’t wait to make another plan with him. we clicked so hard .. just your classic, good, solid chemistry. i haven’t felt this way about anyone… Continue reading trouble.

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wanna hear how i woke up the day after my first sex party to my tryst ad going live (& about 712 messages)? cool .. cuz i really wanna tell you all about it. upon being invited to this play party a few weeks ago i somewhat panicked over the admission ticket fee of $90.… Continue reading top 21%.

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seems more than appropriate to write about my dad today. here are some facts & stories about my father & our relationship: during my childhood my father made enough money to provide for our family without my mother having to bring in an income herself. my mother’s job was providing primary childcare as my father… Continue reading father.


sometimes i feel like i blink & everything around & within me has morphed into something i no longer recognize. i feel as if i have awoken & emerged into a new world. whether it’s because i was deeply engrossed in a project for work or i had gotten lost in a book or become… Continue reading blurry.


i am just JAZZED UP today! (for good reasons – don’t worry.) first of all – happy full moon day 🌕 .. today’s flower moon also coincided with a lunar eclipse! i didn’t see any of it live but definitely felt so many strong, powerful energies floating about over these past few days / will… Continue reading jazzed.