some questions i’m asking myself today:
what are my goals?
what am i currently doing to accomplish my goals?
could i do something differently to be more successful?
do my actions contradict my goals?

i fear sometimes i am a bit frazzled & lose sight of what i’m actually trying to do. i get distracted by what i perceive that others are doing & how successful they are & that i should do exactly what they’re doing if i want to be successful too. i hope these questions help me stay balanced today. i am feeling like i’m allowing other people’s actions to affect me on a level that i know better .. so i will take some time to myself & try to sit still & meditate on what i envision my future looking like.

earlier today i really wanted to unpublish this site & pretty much hide in a hole & disappear .. i felt afraid & upset & confused. i felt betrayed by words that someone previously assured me with. i hope i can create an environment in which i can feel more safe. i can’t control what other people are going to do. all i can do is take deep breaths & try my best.

i think this is a good opportunity for me to study my witchy resources more .. look to the moon & see what they have to say. also want to learn the difference between “magic” & “magick.” i’ve been listening to lots of witchy podcasts recently. just out here searching for meaning & community! tonight feels like a good night for some intention setting candle burning rituals .. & perhaps another protection spell session is in order. i’ll let you know what the moon says after i consult them ..

instead of a song here’s a link to a really cool succulent.

proud of myself: learned the difference between categories & tags.

i don’t know if the existence of this website is going to align with my goals once i clearly process my thoughts .. so this may be goodbye for now! we will see.