i am just JAZZED UP today! (for good reasons – don’t worry.) first of all – happy full moon day 🌕 .. today’s flower moon also coincided with a lunar eclipse! i didn’t see any of it live but definitely felt so many strong, powerful energies floating about over these past few days / will continue for a few days. here’s a meditation i will play in my ears today if you’re interested in joining me .. in addition here’s another full moon video i’m about to watch that should be interesting.

i have always felt super super close to the moon & its phases / the powers / vibes associated with it. my mother has been telling me this my whole life .. that i’m a moon child. just recently (shamefully – over the past 6 months or so) i started keeping a moon journal & paying extra close attention to the phases & my feelings / actions during those times. i have tried hard to harness any of the moon’s special powers associated with whatever phase is currently happening .. it’s been pretty interesting so far. i’ve mostly just been setting intentions & critically thinking about how i can align my actions with those goals / intentions.

“omg lucee what a great segue” .. so the second reason i’m so JAZZED today is because my new DSLR camera should be delivered today!!! (if i am actually home when FedEx arrives .. eeeek .. fingers crossed ..) so instead of running errands & taking care of things outside my home i’m just patiently sitting by the front door & petting my dog in between heading out for my dog walking jobs.

i will be starting my photography company ASAP .. i know i am going to need to do a lot of unpaid practice before i am comfortable taking client’s moneys for my jobs. but i know i have support of lots of people / animals who will be wonderful subjects for me to practice my skills on. i have been watching many youtube videos & i’m trying to become as proficient as possible. i don’t want this to be another gadget i let sit around & collect dust. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!

i want to focus on boudoir photography, probably. it makes sense .. i already have a foot in the door in that industry, clearly. so i think i can reach out to models/instahoes and see if anyone will let me take pics for practice. 🤷🏻‍♀️ we’ll see ..

a nugget of wisdom from therapy this week: “intention precedes behavior” .. so with that fact, i’m well on my way! (& yes i’m still having trouble spelling “precede” lol)

love is a kiss
love is a risk
love might be our redemption
love is on time
love is not blind
love might be our addiction
let’s make some more
give it away
you call me crazy
that’s why you stay
take love to no love, doesn’t it?
maybe we should love for the fun of it
uh, baby, for the fun of it
lo-lo-lo-lo-love you all day like .. “

“wild love” elle king