in addition to sex work, i also work in petcare. so i spend all day with animals [dogs mostly] & then spend my evenings entertaining men .. aka animals .. jk i think any gender can just as easily be labeled as animals. mammals .. *shrug*

i grew up with a pet cat who was mostly boring. i wanted a dog SO. BAD. & i asked my parents for a dog for every birthday & christmas .. & i just got my first dog in september (yes i got a pandemic puppy like the rest of the world). but before i filled the void in my heart with my dog, i filled that void with other people’s dogs. oh & my cat. who i adopted 6 years ago.

that’s basically all i wanted to share. i love animals so much!

i’ve been polite, but won’t be caught dead

lettin’ a man tell me what i should do in my bed

keep my exes in check in my basement

’cause kindness is weakness, or worse, you’re complacent

i could play nice or i could be a bully

i’m tired and angry, but somebody should be”

“nightmare” by halsey