i am pretty darn good at being productive. or at least i’ve gotten much better at it over the past few years. i enjoy learning new ways & techniques in order to maximize how one spends their time. i love creating a schedule/agenda & i also really really like to organize & clean ..

my friends will often turn to me when they need some encouragement to get. things. done. my best friend calls me to get her out of bed sometimes .. i personally naturally shoot out of bed around 6/7 AM & ever since i quit drinking copious amounts of caffeine & just generally became a happier person i have found it really quite enjoyable to be an early riser. i get a lot done in the morning seemingly before the rest of the world wakes up.

also my cat wakes me up most mornings around 5/6 AM .. so maybe he’s just trained me over the past 6 years.

thank you god for this fine day

bless all the children of the world

and thank you for the plants

and the animals

bring me sweet dreams tonight

and help me be good tomorrow

noah’s ark came to my house one day

with all his animals

and he took me away “

“noah’s ark” by cocorosie