i have far too many things to choose from to provide updates on! life is moving very quick in a very exciting way .. but before i get into all the new things i have in the works, let’s take a moment & check in with our bodies.
how are you? are you being nice to yourself? did you eat some delicious and/or healthy food today? wash your face? drink water?
cool .. just wondering. always helps to ask myself those questions every once in a while.
my body over the past few days has been giving me major signals to slow. the. fuck. down. i’ve been going way too fast .. high on excitement. so i’ll take a deep breath .. .. .. .. okay .. did it .. & tell you about my creative whirlwinds.

podcast: I ORDERED EQUIPMENT. IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING. oh & i bought the domain name .. lol .. so i guess i can announce the show name now ..
the “your dog walker has an onlyfans” podcast .. YDWHOF .. ew .. hahaha not a great acronym but at least it’s a good name.
going to start telling solo stories .. maybe take fan questions & answer them ..
my hopes are that i will very soon be able to afford more microphones & then i can start having guests, etc.
if you want to get all the updates regarding the podcast & support the existence of it .. click here. thanks in advance!

bondage shoot: i have been in contact with the rigger, a photographer, & my personal assistant who are all on board to get this collaboration going! now i just gotta find the time .. & slow down long enough to do a little airbnb research. i can’t wait to get tied up again .. sounds so relaxing now just thinking about it.
if you want to contribute to the cost of this photo shoot & receive live & BTS updates .. here’s my cash app.

b/g content: i’ve had a few video chats recently with some local folks who are interested in starting to make content with me! i have to look into the logistics & make sure i have all my ducks in a row but fingers crossed i have some new b/g content uploaded to pornhub soon! might even get enough content shot to add more videos to my manyvids.
i’m still looking for a fellow local onlyfans creator who would be interested in creating some content with me. so far anyone who reached out to me doesn’t have any kind of presence of their own yet, which is fine, but it would be nice to learn from someone who is more experienced than i am. feel free to email me here!

until next time ..